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Is Hair Loss a Disease or an Outcome?

It is a common complaint amongst patients of hair loss that they apply the best of shampoos sometimes even the right ones like paraben free and natural base shampoos, but the hair fall does not stop or halts only till they use the medicines, the moment THEY STOP THE MEDICINES the hair loss comes back. The hair fall is JUST A SYMPTOM of an internal disease and something going wrong.
The incidence of hair loss in both urban and rural areas is on a steep rise and is one important reason we see so many hair clinics and transplant centers. This problem has also led to a rise in the number of Trichologists.

It may be interesting to note that for hair loss, the single most important cause is not water quality of the city but the stress, strain level and many time chronic lacks of protein in the diet. The level of vitamin D and B and biotin and many other factors are linked to hair loss. Most of the causes for hair loss are simple factors and can be detected by doctors relatively easily but it needs to be understood that the hair loss is a symptom, and focus of the DOCTOR-PATIENT team should be to find out the cause behind it rather than on the hair fall per se.

Sometimes alopecia is scarring or cicatricial type which may be permanent but more often than not, it is not the case. Autoimmune alopecia is relatively uncommon.
Hair loss can be psychologically very disturbing for both men and women and, any amount of stress associated with the hair loss will cause more hair loss.

The Solution

Amongst the many conventional solutions like CIT or Collagen Induction Therapy using DERMA ROLLERS and Mesotherapy, many other therapeutic modalities are there other than the external and topical applications only.

  • There is little documentation of use of certain lights in the treatment for hair loss though in Naturopathy light treatment is used for hair loss as a part of the whole treatment plan but not alone.
  • There is the Mini Thread therapy recently used for hair loss in both men and women.
  • Use of Meso-R treatment is only recently published for treating some types of hair loss. This is based on the principle of relaxing the muscles and enhancing blood flow.
  • Along with the other therapies either plasmolifting or PRP, i.e platelet-rich plasma therapy is used extensively for the same. Since platelet-rich plasma treatment is totally dependent on the patient’s own growth factors and own serum, it is recommended to make sure that the nutritional status of the patient and the supplement levels are in good order to obtain a good result from the platelet-rich plasma treatments.
  • In Ayurveda, great importance is given to the Rasa dhatu or Rasa element in the body for repair and rejuvenation, and by rasa dhatu, plasma is what is implied in alternative medicine.
  • Also, the correlation or cardiac health and cardiac risk factors and hair loss are clearly mentioned in both ayurvedic text and some modern research.
  • It is extremely important to manage the implied aspect of hair loss as well.
  • A full-time dietary support to manage and check the nutritional status and protein intake according to the body type is made available and advised to the patient so the food as medicine can be used to address the issue of hair loss more holistically.
  • Along with these therapies, the European benchmark in Meso serum the Dermedics hair loss serum is also used, There is also the off-label option of using the calcium stem cell serums for some select cases.

Tips for Managing Hair loss

  • Don’t delay seeing a qualified dermatologist/ skin physician for the problem. A stitch in time saves nine, so the sooner we halt hair fall, it is easier in long run to manage.
  • Be patient. Hair doesn’t grow back in a day like Rome wasn’t built in a day.
  • Listen to what the hair loss is telling you, look for the internal causes of hair loss.
  • Eat better according to your body type, what is good for someone else’s hair growth may not be good for you.
  • Watch out stressing the body too much, like too much physical or mental strain and/or improper sleep over a persistently long time can cause hair loss.
  • When you start treatments, have a plan. Don’t just jump on to any interventional treatments.
  • Minoxidil is not the final frontier or final treatment option in hair loss, it is just one external option.
  • Consider lifestyle modification and talk to experts for the same.