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Acne Treatment


Why and How of Acne


Acne and pimples can be a tough to treat condition. It is a condition affecting the Oil glands.

Almost all the acne treatment is aimed at opening the blocks in oil glands, almost all the treatment is aimed at opening the blocks in oil glands right from all the applications to oral treatment to laser treatments, and things like Acnelan treatments.

But it is important to remember that acne is not just skin deep , but the root causes may run much deeper and should be treated for a long lasting cure. By combining best of lab tested Moderm methods, and some of the time tested ways of traditional wisdom and natural interventions it is possible to get rid of acne.

Root Cause Of Acne ??

The root cause of acne is not even probably in the hormones that are causing the blockage is to happen it is now known and proven that certain chemical hormones for example glycemic control related hormones , i.e insulin etc and certain other male and female hormones may cause blocks in Oil glands and cause acne.

But the BIG QUESTION IS ,what is actually causing the hormones to go haywire and causing acne, because it is not only teenage but sometimes older age also that we see Acne. Acne causing scarring even much after teenage is frequently seen in skin clinics in delhi and gurgaon.
The most important answer to that is to understand what is influencing the hormones the hormones are going wrong because of many factors the way we eat, what we eat, how we eat and how much we eat in what proportions at what age that place immensely big role in preventing the hormonal changes.
Many studies have claimed acne worsening because of milk and eggs and other dairy products it is not right to say that all dairy and milk is the chief cause for everyone but according to the individual body type and morphology lifestyle and metabolism we have to make certain changes they have to be.
individual specific for best results.

At our skin clinics in gurgaon and our dermatology centre in in khan market we take special care to focus on these factors and Avoid the use of antibiotics for acne. The first priority is to provide treatment for acne without the use of neither hormonal medication nor antibiotics, instead natural and nutritional supplementation is given more importance.

How To Treat The Root Causes??

When we first begin to understand that the root cause is in the way we eat and metabolize hormones, etc in our body, it is also in managing the stress and sleep wake cycle which is basically a part of modern lifestyle we definitely do not mean to say to adopt a saint’s or yogic lifestyle.

We don’t intend to tell our patients to quit everything and they will be okay but the solution is to make the body and our metabolic systems strong enough so that we can stay healthy and acne free even with a modern lifestyle.

Along with the best available most modern treatments for acne like Alma clear skin and clear lift lasers using Alma Rejuve technology, at Sharma Clinic we also use a host of naturopathic and 100% natural food-based supplements to support the hormones and the way we metabolize them. The target is also to balance the gut and skin flora which goes a long way in managing inflammation of acne.

Tips and Tricks for Acne management

  • Avoid Self medication, especially if there are more than 5-10 acne per menstrual cycle.
  • Avoid use of topical antibiotics and no Steroid based creams, they can cause much more harm than good.
  • Your doctor pays much thought and knowledge resource pool before prescribing an antibiotic for acne , don’t make a habit of having them without prescriptions.
  • Ask us for home remedy options.
  • There are some DIY treatments and dos and don’ts for home management.
  • Do not overdo washing your face.
  • Do not be tempted to use scrubs.
  • Be careful when you go in for beauty therapies like waxing and bleaching.